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AGA Competitive Team


Welcome to the exciting world of competitive gymnastics for girls.


AGA currently has a girls invitational competitive program, ages 4 and up.

We participate in the Junior Olympic Program through USA Gymnastics.

The AGA Gymnastics program gives gymnasts the opportunity to develop self-image, physical and mental strength, and attain goals through competitive gymnastics. Gymnastics is an individual sport, yet AGA gymnasts experience a sense of team pride and accomplishments. While winning is always a goal, each gymnast receives the attention needed to help them attain their personal best. Many past AGA gymnasts have moved on to gymnastics at the collegiate level. We are fortunate to be able to provide the unique experience of training in a state of the art facility, with coaches who inspire.                                   

Our Competitive Teams are for the Athlete who has decided she wishes to be more serious about the sport of gymnastics and is therefore willing to commit more hours to training in the gym and to attend competitive meets throughout the season.  These meets might require extensive travel, overnight stays, and higher tuition fees than recreational gymnastics.

Athletes on our competitive teams are expected to attend all scheduled practices and competitions.  Any time a practice will be missed, the coach must be informed ahead of time.  All meets are mandatory for the competitive athlete unless the athlete is medically unable or the absence has been excused by the head coach.   

We average 5-6 meets plus State Championships, Regionals and beyond for the higher levels.



Becoming a TEAM member:

  • Selection to the team is by invitation. Coaches and/or instructors will let you know when your child may be ready for the team.
  • Children may transfer from a similar level at a similar gymnastics program.
  • If you are interested or think your child would benefit from a TEAM atmosphere, please contact on of our supervisors.


How do I get invited?

    • Please remember that all children learn at a different pace.
    • There are 2 move-up times per year and space is limited.
    • A child must have a strong foundation in the skills required.
    • A child should be enthusiastic and demonstrate a desire to excel in gymnastics.
    • Good attitude and willingness to follow instructions is always something we are looking for.


How do I move up/down the TEAM levels?

  • Mobility is decided upon a child’s maturity and readiness of skills.


TEAM Levels

Hot Shots

  • This program is for girls 3-5 years old. To move into this group girls must be energetic, independent, and be skilled in basic gymnastics movements. The girls in this class are training to move up to TEAM.

Super Shots

  • This program is for girls 6-8 years old. To move into this class girls must master certain required skills. The girls are training to move up to Compulsories or XCEL TEAM.

Level 2/3/4/5 Compulsory Teams

  • Levels 2, 3, and 4 are the first four levels of competition. Each level performs the same routines on each event (vault, bars, beam and floor). Gymnasts must be a minimum of 5 years old to complete level 2, and 6 years old to compete levels 3, 4 and 5.

Level 6-10 Elite Optional Teams

  • These levels are the intermediate and advance levels of competitive gymnastics. They are called optional levels because gymnasts perform routines that are made just for them. There are many different skill options the gymnasts have to choose from. All gymnasts perform different routines that showcase their strengths.


  • A program to allow athletes to experience optional competition without the huge commitment of the other competitive programs we offer. Gymnasts will compete in one of five levels based on their skill level. This program is part of our Optional Training and Competitive Team. They will travel often with the Optional Levels.


 For more information about USAG’s Junior Olympic Program please visit http://usagym.org/pages/women/pages/overview_jo.html