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Recreational Gymnastics

We offer recreational gymnastics classes for students of all ages and levels in a fun yet structured environment. Our instructors will help build your child's confidence, strength, coordination and flexibility! Be sure to sign up for your class in advance as our classes do fill!



AGA has several tumbling classes designed to help your child learn cartwheels, backhand springs, tucks, layouts or full twists. We build a strong tumbling foundation by solidifying proper positions and basic skills, perfecting overall technique.



We do our best to take the hassles out of throwing a Birthday Party. We provide a fun and exciting atmosphere for your child to play in while you sit back and relax! During this time the party will get to go through obstacle courses, play games and relay races, jump on the trampoline, and just have tons of fun doing GYMNASTICS!

Birthday Parties

Women’s Competitive Gymnastics

The AGA Gymnastics Team program gives gymnasts the opportunity to develop self-image, physical and mental strength, and attain goals through competitive gymnastics. Gymnastics is an individual sport, yet AGA gymnasts experience a sense of team pride and accomplishments to attain their personal best.

Competitive Gymnastics